How we work

We provide the highest standard of software services and consulting by solving the most challenging business and technical problems and by offering total support and guidance during a long term cooperation. We are constantly trying to maintain a very high level of all of our services. Our company is committed to give our clients the best possible solution and full comfort in managing their businesses.


LBPro designs and creates dedicated software solutions by analyzing its customer's detailed requirements. The company not only creates its own individual solutions but also integrates them with other suppliers' applications. It leads to forming the most productive and cost effective systems using already existing tools. The mission is to build innovative solutions which optimize business productivity and efficiency.


The wide range of services enables LBPro to create fully integrated and exceptional solutions that covers all aspects of its customer's business. All products and services are of the highest quality, cost effective and optimize value. Solutions do not limit the customer in any aspect which allows to focus on primary business activity.